PSP Kick: Homebrew Drum Machine (What About DS?)

There’s plenty of homebrew music software for the Game Boy and GBA (check out LSDJ and Nanoloop), but what about next-gen portables? MusicThing gets the scoop on PSP Kick, a sampled drum machine for PSP. PSP Kick is very simple — it’s just a 12-slot drum sampler with AIFF output — but it sounds like […]

East West Stormdrum Sample Library: In-Depth Review

Ed: Brent’s back, not only with a review of the massive EastWest Stormdrum sample library, but some ideas on how you might use it as a composer of game or film scores. Read on . . . -PK Where Art Thou, Boomy Percussion? If you’ve watched any of the more epic-styled Hollywood films lately, no […]

Jemgirl: The 1980s, Remixed

You think you know 80s flashbacks? Not unless you’ve met Jemgirl. This Australian-based DJ/digital musician is hardcore enough to be recreating tunes from the rock cartoon Jem. (Still not ringing any bells? You know, truly, truly outrageous? Yeah — that Jem, my fellow late-20-somethings.) Jemgirl isn’t alone, either: she’ll be spinning Jem tunes, 80s music, […]

Music as Activism: Bush, Mashed Up as Lennon

Imagine Bush as Lennon . . . you’ve entered the world of the mash-up, a world where songs collide and U.S. Presidents’ words get mixed around into whatever you want. (Well, I hope — I wouldn’t entirely put it past our President to spontaneously break into Lennon lyrics way out of context.) Take a walk […]

Dr. Robert Moog is Ill

I’m sad to have learned, as did the mailing list of SEAMUS (Society for Electro-Acoustic Music US), that the esteemed Dr. Robert Moog is ill. We heard this unfortunate news via an announcement at Moogfest here in New York last month; Dr. Moog sent his regrets as he was unable to travel and attending to […]

Dithered is the New Black: Finding Independent Music with atariboy

G’day, pleased to meet you – This is the first installation of ‘dithered is the new black’, a weekly column about all the great music one can find online – usually for free. I’m atariboy. (Cris Pearson in ‘real life’) I make music (see and design software (see Lets get to it . […]

Ask CDM: Best Live Headphones?

Okay, CDM readers. We’ve got a dual challenge this week: what headphones are perfect for gigging, perfect for DJing, and make a perfect birthday present? Reader-turned-CDM columnist atariboy writes: I am looking for some good headphones for my girlfriends (jemgirl) birthday later this week. Around the $100 mark. Will be used for DJing/gigging. The Sony […]

M-Audio FlashTracker Portable Flash Recorder [Updated]

Back in April, we reported on an M-Audio Palm-Sized Recorder, which the company was showing at the German MusikMesse conference. Think CompactFlash-based device, 24-bit/96 KHz WAV/MP3, mic / line / digital ins, USB 2.0 connection. (Specs subject to clarification/change.) Now, M-Audio has shown the portable recorder again, at the Barcelona AES Conference (which CDM ranks […]

Metasonix TX-2 Butt Probe Effects Box

Here’s your typical PR hype: “because guitarists deserve, and WANT, some anus-stretching.” (We know computer musicians, remix artists, drummers, keyboardists, etc. do, too.) The Metasonix Butt Probe — sorry, the “TX-2” — is a $549, hand-made, hand-painted tube-based distortion effect, complete with fist, ream, and scre parameters. Tube-based so that it has a lovely, warm, […]

Terrible Album Covers, Fugly Bands

To make Friday truly a Day of Shame (hey, you have the holiday weekend to recover, at least if you’re in the US), I bring you: truly offensive, awful, and nausea-inducing album covers. No, not World’s Worst Album Covers (as pointed out in December by Music Thing.) The Museum of Bad Album Covers. (Hear that’s […]