Create Analog OSes: someone booted MS-DOS from a vinyl record

Oh sure, you think it’s impressive when you upload a vinyl-only DJ set. But real analog purists run their whole operating system on analog.

‘Hope’ is the uplifting retro synth anthem jam we need right now

Sometimes wonderful things show up in my inbox – this tune comes from one of our MeeBlip users.

Watch a free program on modular audio synthesis and programming today

From Lyon’s Grame center, today there’s a free online workshop on patching and coding your own synths, including working with tools like the Faust DSP environment (even on the Web), VCV Rack, Daisy Eurorack, Arduino, Teensy, and more.

Turn your iPhone into a streaming source, and add filters, with the awesome Hyperstream

iPhone + Hyperstream can turn the world of streaming and live video from painful low-quality 2020 anxiety source – into something absolutely eye popping and beautiful and surprisingly easy.

Detroiters launch an Underground Music Academy; dig into the history and support their efforts

Legends Mad Mike and Wajeed have an idea to build support for communities of marginalized music makers – right in the heart of Detroit. That effort might have gotten upstaged by the election, so now is the perfect time to dig in – and recall some of Detroit’s own history.

Resolume adds live visual toys: animation control, abstract fields, tilt shift, and more

Resolume remains a wonderfully accessible live visual tool for Mac and Windows – and it now has more parameter animation and effects and generators to play with, plus a trick that’s indispensable in live stream picture-in-picture.

New Apple music apps do Apple silicon, more; Novation Launchpad supports new Logic

What’s new in the new Logic (and GarageBand)? Well, they’ll natively use the performance potential of the new macOS and Apple silicon Macs – but there’s tighter integration with iPad and Novation Launchpad for all Mac users, too. Here are the details.

Live today: joining Roger Linn and Georgia Tech talking about directions for new instruments

Today at 1pm US Eastern (7 pm Berlin) I’m joining Roger Linn and Georgia Tech’s Raghavasimhan Sankaranarayanan and (brain music!) Grace Leslie looking into the future. Yeah, there totally still is one – it’s bright, even!

Big Sur and the new Macs look promising – but you’ll want to wait

No, you should not update to Big Sur right now. And yes, it is too early to judge M1 Apple Silicon-based Macs or even to ask if your favorite software is optimized yet. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t reason to be optimistic – if you can also be, you know, patient.

Hainbach and Bram Bos made the ultimate tape loop-style field looper for iOS

Hot on the heels of bringing Soviet wire recording to plug-ins, artist and video personality Hainbach has another collaboration – this time, turning your iPhone and iPad into a tape-style field recorder.