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Musicians, Like Writers, Left Out of Online Revenues – Or Not

Thom gets his own poster, courtesy M.A.C. Kingsley. Because new records have sound all over them, and you should probably get paid for that. Television itself (well, American TV — BBC is doing just fine) has ground to a halt over online revenues for writers. How are musicians doing? Not so well, say Radiohead. Ars […]

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New on CDMotion: Scratching Vinyl, Coveting Toys, Plugging and Playing a Visual Jams

We know what visualists like, we know want visualists want. Whatever holiday you celebrate in December, you’ll be really happy if it involves you getting cash to buy this stuff. But it’s not all a material world — much joy can be had from free inspiration, free software, and free learning — really. Some readers […]

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Interview: Classical Music Goes Digital, DRM-Free with Deutsche Grammophon

The original promise of digital music distribution was supposed to be greater variety, the availability of out-of-print music, communities serving specific interests that had been under-served by mass culture, high-quality audio, and lots of choice. Slowly, I think, that promise is finally being delivered. Readers of a music technology site may not think much about […]

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