You’ll be able to buy those Roland 808 sneakers soon, plus a new pair

As spotted earlier, the TR-808 is getting an official pair of limited edition running shoes from Puma. Now there are details on how you can buy them – plus a second design.

Nintendo Wii Fit: More Bizarre Music Controllers to Come?

Nintendo keeps cooking up innovative new control schemes for its Nintendo Wii console. And if the Wii controller was any indication, you can expect musicians, DJs, and artists will be taking up this latest controller shortly after it’s available. The Wii Fit controller is a force-sensing panel the player stands on; it’s used to measure […]

Peter Kirn - July 25, 2007

The Crystal Method Composes Score for … Your Morning Jog?

Technology is creating some unusual new opportunities for composers. Aside from producing music for video games, we can now get inside your head while you’re working out. (Well, okay, we could do that before via, erm, Walkmans and such, but now it’s more interactive.) Electronic duo The Crystal Method has produced a continuous album called […]

Peter Kirn - July 3, 2006

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