Inside Moog Voyager

Even Bob Moog's circuit boards are gorgeous. Qwave (via a Harmony Central message thread) couldn't just admire his Minimoog Voyager keyboard from the outside — he had to check out the guts. That has ignited some controversy over the lack of discrete transistors in the analog Voyager, but I think people are overreacting. The ultimate […]

Sampled Nord Clone Softsynth

It's the attack of the clones. The latest is a clone of Clavia's Nord Modular keyboard, the EUR 149.00 North Mood. (via Gearjunkies) The VST plug for Windows/Mac painstakingly sampled, sometimes note by note, presets on the original Nord. Supposedly it's an instrument "without compromises" — but here's a significant one. Part of the whole […]

Peter Kirn - April 12, 2005

RCA Synthesizer: 50 Years Later

The Princeton, NJ chapter of the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) is celebrating 50 years of the RCA Synthesizer on Thursday, April 14. (PDF info) Automatic lounge music: The RCA Mark I wasn't exactly what we'd think of as a synthesizer. Developed by RCA engineers Harry Olsen and Hebert Belar, its original intention was to […]

Peter Kirn - April 12, 2005

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