Sonic Garden: Music from Giant Blobs

How do you get a group of people in Milan to lounge atop, cuddle with, and hump a bunch of soft cone-shaped blobs? Easy: feed a channel of synthetically-generated music to each blob so, as they rock and move, soothing interactive music fills the air. The result, says visitors, ranges from "very comfortable" to "very […]

Lightspace: Disco Dance Floor for Pros

Sure, at MIT building interactive LED-powered disco dance floors is a good way to decorate your dorm and procrastinate. But, Chris O'Shea of pixelsumo reminds me, for the designers at Lightspace, it's serious business. Clearly, the MIT students' DIY project was directly inspired by the Lightspace team that's . . . wait a minute . […]

Peter Kirn - April 14, 2005

PSmaX: Mac/Windows Music with PlayStation Controllers

Following up on yesterday's report on using Dance Dance Revolution pads with your computer for music, we've got more on PSmaX from its creator. PSmaX is an applet developed in Max/MSP that lets you hook any PlayStation controller to your Mac or PC via USB. Here's Mike Chames: The input in PSmaX is handled through  […]

Peter Kirn - April 14, 2005

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