Wusikstation Monster Synth Workstation, Version 3 (Win)

After avoiding a brief brush with death last May, the massive soft synth package Wusikstation now hits version 3, the second update in less than a year. Wusikstation Version 3 (production information and preorder) There’s a gig of new sounds in the HQ Acoustic Collection with more on the way, plus lots of advanced new […]

Free Multi-channel Audio Environment (Pd, Max/MSP)

DIYers, ready to dive into multichannel and streaming audio? nSLAM is an open-source suite for creating your own streaming, multichannel audio applications. Sample apps (like the one shown below) and online help are included to get you started, and the “jimmies” low-level DSP objects have been broadly updated in this release for the geekiest audio […]

Peter Kirn - February 14, 2006

Pro Tools 7 LE/M-Powered Will Support Intel Macs in May

A big question mark for pro audio on the new Intel-based Macs has been Pro Tools. Digidesign has the answer today: Pro Tools 7 LE and M-Powered will both be available as Intel-enhanced Universal binaries in May 2006. You won’t have to leave plug-ins behind, either. All of Digidesign’s own RTAS/AudioSuite plug-ins, and even the […]

Peter Kirn - February 14, 2006

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