Music Tech, Sans Mice: Cybersonica 06 Presents Fanciful Sonic Art

Cybersonica is underway in London, bringing with it wild, new sound art. Organizer Chris O’Shea puts it this way: The works selected . . . move beyond the ‘screen, keyboard, mouse scenario’ and respond to physical input, proximity, sound, kinetics, elapsed time and the surrounding environment. Check out the preview videos, photos, and descriptions at […]

Flickr Fun: Historical RCA Synth, Explained

Speaking of 20th Century spirits, Matrixsynth sends us a photoset of rare images from the demonstration album put out by RCA for their Mark II synthesizer. We’ve looked at the Mark II on this site before; it’s a little like the Model T of electronic synthesis: RCA Mark II Demonstration Record What I especially love […]

Peter Kirn - May 12, 2006

Flickr Fun: Sirens and Robotic Pianos

Launching us into the weekend are some fabulously fun Flickr finds, forwarded by fine folks and friends: Pheezy (aka Evan Cordes) got a look at the sirens, automated pianos and drums, and other mechanical musical wonders on display at the National Gallery’s installation of Ballet Mechanique, as seen here previously. He took some photos of […]

Peter Kirn - May 12, 2006

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