Ableton Live 6 Crossfader Curves, and 100 Years of DJ History

The way it was: Philip LeBash in the early days of modern DJing; see the complete LeBash history, interview, and images at DJ’s Portal. Technology and music have always had dynamic, changing, intertwined histories. It’s easy to forget that we’re in the middle of that history, both in terms of the now ubiquitous practices of […]

Video Roundup: Digital Whiteboard Development Environment, WOFL, Stop Motion and Physical Sound Visualization

I’ve fallen behind. I apologise. These videos all deserve posts of their very own, but that will take mucho time, so instead I’ll just hang them out there and get on with whatever’s next: MIT Sketching Bugger the Jetpack, I want one of those! (via Wooster Collective) WOFL on Motionographer. Simple animation that creeps up […]

Jaymis Loveday - October 12, 2006

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