Yes, You Can Build a Performance Around an Old Casio (or Yamaha) Keyboard

We love you, old Casio (and Yamaha, and other) keyboards, hard-edged lo-fi synth patches, and strangely alluring stiff automatic drum parts. We love you in original form, circuit-bent mods, and free VST plug-ins. And, via Jaymis, we love people who build “very low-energy musical whimsy” performances on their keyboard, like David O’Doherty: Anyone have a […]

Free Christmas Tunes: Garritan Community Christmas Album, DJ Riko Mad Mix

Ready to get in the holiday mood, but feeling Scrooge-like with your money? Here are some free tunes to get your Yuletide festivities underway: The Garritan Personal Orchestra forum has become more than a place for users of this sampled orchestra library to troubleshoot and ask questions — it really is a community in its […]

Peter Kirn - December 14, 2006

Physical Computing Primer eBook: Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Electronics

Electronics and physical computing is great fun to learn as you get tangible results from your progress. It’s simple and fun to grab a kit or a bunch of components and follow on with a blog or instructable. However, as you progress to designing your own projects and circuits (or to make following other people’s […]

Jaymis Loveday - December 14, 2006

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