Evening Bits: Music-Playing Cats and Conceptual Designs, Bathroom Distribution

Cat power. First of today’s evening diversions: Analog Industries discovers Nora the piano-playing cat. We don’t want to put Nora up on the main site, though, lest she scare the infinitely more talented Hatebeak the parrot. Conceptual albums. The folks at BornRich.org have a beautiful music tablet PC design up. (Thanks, Gizmodo.) Only problem: it’s […]

The Ecler EVO5 Revealed (Partially): Ferrari of Digital DJ Mixers?

CAUTION: if you are still enjoying the EVO5 countdown, and don’t want to be tainted with any product details until the official announcement at Musikmesse in 15 days, STOP READING NOW! Preliminary specifications for the EVO5 digital mixer obtained by Create Digital Music reveal the folowing: It’s a 5-channel mixer with MIDI and effects. (Ok, […]

Josh Jancourtz - March 12, 2007

Yamaha to Ship Toshio Iwai’s Tenori-On, But Will Open Hardware Win?

In June 2005, we first saw the Tenori-On, a futuristic music-making device covered in a grid of interactive, lit buttons, designed by the talented interactive artist Toshio Iwai as a prototype for Yamaha. Last week, Yamaha revealed some details about plans to make Iwai’s experimental device into a shipping product. (I missed this in preparations […]

Peter Kirn - March 12, 2007

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