Quicktime 7.2 update – be afraid.

Yesterday Apple released iTunes 7.3.1 and Quicktime 7.2. With updated h.264 transcoding, numerous bug fixes and free fullscreen support for those without Quicktime Pro. It also provides iPhone exporting options and seems to enable 640×480 captures from certain iSights which were limited to 320×240. Oh, and it breaks Rosetta. Ok, not to be overly sensational, […]

Regarding that Quartz Composer issue…

As noted in my Blackmagick Intensity review, we noticed some odd behavior with Quartz Composer introducing some very large latency from the Intensity Card. We some noted up to 45 frames of delay. It looks like this may very well be a bug with Quartz Composer, as Apple is now aware of the situation: From […]

vade - July 12, 2007

Updated PSP Slim at E3 – Now with video output support

This could be an very interesting option for VJ’s. Sony has updated the PSP line with some nice additions, slimmer (thus the PSP Slim moniker), longer battery life and decreased load times. But, we dont really care about those. What we care about is video output support: Adding a video-out port(*1) enables new PSP users […]

vade - July 12, 2007

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