Sound Tribe Sector 9 vs. Monome: Video, 8by16

Our friend David Phipps of Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9) has posted video of how he’s using his custom-built Monome, as featured in a tutorial here on CDM a few months ago: In this application, the Monome is effectively an interactive sequencer; it works very elegantly in that capacity. Next step: David, in the spirit […]

Reconceived Acoustic Music on an Interactive Table: Etiquette in Edinburgh

Kids get hands-on with the music, touching materials found on-location at the installation site. Eat your heart out, Microsoft Surface! Musicians are taking up interactive tables as new ways of making their creations physically accessible, so listeners can reach out and touch the work. Etiquette is a new interactive installation at the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, […]

Peter Kirn - August 16, 2007

Novation’s ReMOTE SL Controller Keyboards Get Compact

It’s no secret: I’m a huge fan of Novation’s ReMOTE SL line, and they’re becoming very popular with live laptop users, soft synth lovers, and users of software like Ableton Live and Reason. Put aside for a moment the whiz-bang Automap features, which automatically assign controllers to software (both plug-ins and hosts), and the physical […]

Peter Kirn - August 16, 2007

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