BeatMaker for iPhone: Upcoming Features Q&A, Video Review

Mathieu Garci of Intua answers some questions we had about features in BeatMaker. CDM: What about MIDI export? A lot of us want to be able to compose something on the road, then save MIDI patterns for use on our main computer. Mathieu: BeatMaker v1.0.0 (current AppStore release) does not supports MIDI. We have v1.0.1 […]

Wii Music: Improvise Freely

I’m not an E3 so I’ll have to rely on others for coverage, but Nintendo has announced the long-awaited Wii Music at their press conference today. Now, of course, a number of readers here are already making Wii Music of their own, using custom software to turn Wii remotes into controllers. (Finally got my Balance […]

Peter Kirn - July 15, 2008

Intua BeatMaker Arrives for iPhone/Touch: Sequencer, Sampled Drum Pads

Intua is the first to get a full-fledged music creation app on the iTunes App Store, with an MPC-style sampler and step sequencer, plus effects, for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This isn’t just a toy for triggering sounds or a useful utility like a guitar tuner; it’s an actual music app on which you […]

Peter Kirn - July 15, 2008

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