Sometimes, to quote Depeche Mode, words are very unnecessary. Instead, lose yourself for a few minutes in the vibrating mathemagical lands of numbercult, audiovisual immersions in which sound and geometry fuse in a strange, abstract dance.

Their most recent creation, found via Richard Devine’s prolific Facebook wall and posted earlier this summer, explores an actual audiovisual sequencer. See it at top:

Connected is a graphical/musical sequencer system. a three way flow of information, between graphics, sound and external triggers shape the composition. Recorded in real-time.

But actual functioning interfaces aside, I’ll leave you with some other video clips that traverse similar territory, these syncing up separate visual and audio systems.

These folks make music, too – have a listen to their album, at bottom. And that shifts to body candy, as in, for your butt, with danceable grooves.

All three of the above videos combine vvvv – the Windows-only, graphical patching environment for powerful 3D effects – with Ableton Live for sound.

But lest you think it’s all abstraction, have a listen to their excellent dance release on Bandcamp. Downloading:

By the way, ever wondered what visual software people are using? So did we. Don’t miss this look on our sister site, Create Digital Motion, including where vvvv fits on the spectrum:
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