In Berlin, musicians and creators gather to work collaboratively on new means of creation and performance. Imogen Heap and her team are among the participants, presenting an interactive workshop on wearable tech. Photo of Imogen with her musical gloves from TEDGlobal 2012 in Edinburgh, by James Duncan Davidson.

Happy New Year, from the future. It’s too late for sci-fi movies with a dateline of 2013. If you want something futuristic, you’ll just have to get to work.

That’s what we’re doing in Berlin at CTM Festival later this month, with some of our favorite artists and engineers and designers and artist-engineer-designers. And we’d love to have you join us.

We’ll have live music to enjoy. That includes high-tech original creations — Sonic Robots’ real-life 808 drum machine and band, and Tarik Barri and Lea Fabrikant with their three-dimensional audiovisual space trip. Tim Exile will treat us to his virtuoso digital solo performance; Solar Year shows us what a band-with-laptop can be. MusicMakers@CTM also includes the state of the art in live dance music and DJing, as we share Berghain Kantine with jam sessions and back-to-back Cassette BLN DJ sets from Machinedrum, Sam Barker, Easton West, Lando Kal, and more.

MusicMakers performances at CTM will be at the CTM exhibition opening on January 25 and at Berghain Kantine on February 1.

But we’ll also be heading into the lab.

In a five-day “hacklab,” we’ll combine lots of input with lots of opportunities to work on building new things collaboratively. On the input side, that includes presentation/workshops from leading artists on their craft — Imogen Heap’s musical gloves team, Tim Exile, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Mark Fell (in a conversation with Resident Advisor), Lucas Abela — and participation from the developers at Native Instruments and Ableton.

It’s a chance to work in everything from hacking new controllers and layouts for performance to wearable tech for performance.

The hacklab will be open to all and free. (Some workshops may require supply charges; details on final registration – and schedule – we’ll have for you shortly.)

Join the Hacklab

Tim Exile wants you to do things with controllers. Lots of controllers. Let’s do things with controllers with Tim. Photo (CC-BY-SA) SHARE Conference, Beirut.

We have an open call now for “fellows.” Mostly, we just need to know your interests – you don’t need a finished project! In fact, we’d much prefer if you brought in big ideas and an open mind and built new things! That might mean collaborating with people on ideas you’ve already begun to develop, or starting something new. You’re also welcome to come with a skill set (making garments, building equipment cases out of wood, writing code, sound design, composition, video, animation) and find people to work with.

A selected number of participants will get free CTM passes. Others will get advance, reserved hacklab registration. Final, free registration for the hacklab will follow thereafter as I expect we’ll be limited by space.

You’ll have the opportunity to work with the likes of Tim Exile and his team on controllers, Imogen Heap and her team on wearable tech, with visualists, OSC experts, Pd experts, Ableton experts… the list goes on. If you want to work on a new live DJ rig, a new VJ setup, generative music composition software – we’re game.

Submit here:

Deadline: January 11
Hacklab: January 28 – February 1

If you specifically want to work with the wearable tech crew and Imogen Heap, you can specify that.

A real-world 808 drum machine, powered by Arduino and robotics, is coming along, too.

Imogen Heap: The Gloves

A special portion of the Hacklab, for those interested, features Imogen Heap and her team, in from the UK, working with the musical gloves they’ve developed for her performances. You don’t have to be a technologist – tailors welcome, too.

Workshop Call
Whether you are a novice or professional, a musician, programmer, maker, tailor or performer, if you are interested in using, designing, wearing, testing or hacking the gloves for your own purposes, please submit your ideas for our workshop by sending an email with the subject “The Gloves Workshop” to:

Workshop Description
Computers play an important role in the production of music and we are interested in new ways to compose and perform music live. The Gloves are a new, wearable and stylish musical interface that allow you to manipulate sound by simply moving your hands. In a 4-day workshop we invite you to explore how The Gloves can be integrated within your own projects, showing you how to connect data from the gloves with a wide range of music applications and environments.

Here’s a great demo from Dara O Briain’s Science Club, the British TV program:

Again, head to our call for works. Just be sure to mark “The Gloves” in the subject header. You can also tell the gloves team:

– if you plan to work on your own, with others, or whether you are open to collaboration with other participants
– how much of the workshop you will be able to attend?
– what skills do you bring to this workshop? (Are you a musician, performer, programmer, designer, tailor….)
– what software and/or other devices might you like to use The Gloves with? (other instruments, midi or OSC output devices, synthesizers, animation/puppetry, projectors, games, robotics….)

And yes, tailors are welcome!