Momo the Monster's live rig for deadmau5.

Momo the Monster’s live rig for deadmau5.

What’s making performance video shows tick for the like of live visuals for deadmau5 and Eclectic Method? And once those tools are in order, how do the artists express their ideas live?

Vidvox, makers of Mac live visual tool VDMX, have kicked off their own blog offering some insights into how people are actually making stuff with their software. We saw one very nice example portfolio yesterday working with VDMX. And here are two more excellent examples.

First up, our friend Momo the Monster, who last guided us through his live Glitch Mob show, is now working on deadmau5. The mouse may (cough) push play, but Momo is keeping very busy.

Momo continues to work in compositing, with a “3-layer setup in VDMX with a foreground, background and a ‘playground’ layer for creating masks.” The rig centers on VDMX, controlled by Liine’s Lemur for iPad, running on a Mac. To that, he adds a “TVOne Dual DVI Scaler, 10-Port USB Hub, DVI 1×2 Distribution Amp and 8″ Lilliput monitor.” (See pic, top.)

It’s a blast from the past, but it’s worth revisiting this video in which Momo talks about how he structures his work:

VJ Kung Fu: Structure in VJ Performance from Momo the Monster on Vimeo.

Read the full post at Vidvox:

How to do the Deadmau5 End of Year Tour visuals by Momo the Monster

From November, Jonny of Eclectic Method puts together an audiovisual remix rig that I think many will find appealing.

1. Loop in Final Cut
2. Assemble clips in VDMX
3. Trigger clips, via MIDI, from Ableton Live for audiovisual sequencing

Here’s one example of the result:

How to do an ECLECTIC METHOD REMIX, The Overview.

We’ll be watching the blog. And we’ll have more on what’s new from the world of VDMX very soon. Stay tuned.