Ableton has just launched their new site with Live 9 available for purchase and download, and the new Push hardware available for preorder. If you’re an existing Live user logged into your user account, you’ll see upgrade options for the software. Push can be preordered direct online, and Ableton has for the first time announced shipping information, listed as “2-4 weeks.”

It’ll be interesting to see if the preorder sells out.

Updated: Apparently in response to demand, Ableton is having some issues with their webshop. Readers report some problems with accessing the site and ordering. We’ll let you know as these are resolved.

In the meantime, many cities around the world are hosting launch events. Ableton has a complete list. (Noticeably absent: Berlin. But… maybe Berlin doesn’t really need a special evening for such a thing. Just wait around in a bar any night of the week.)

Ableton Live 9 and Push Premiere Events

As lots of user groups and trainers provide hands-on looks at Live 9 and Push, Tom Cosm may win the prize, with a live-streamed set of Push tutorials you can watch right now. Enjoy:

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