Today, we review the new Moderat LP, II, on Create Digital Music. Teaming up with fellow Berlin-based visual collective Pfadfinderei — that ubiquitous boutique of electronic visualism — Moderat devised a unique way to tease the album. They allowed Web visitors to remote-control a micro projector online.

There’s a sense of musical fog in the album – whether that’s your taste or not being another matter. (I notice now, having written my words on the matter, the word “fog” comes up a lot in reviews – and I wonder if the visuals actually influenced that!)

Projecting into fog, though, looks absolutely gorgeous.

It also prompts this error message – one of my favorite online error messages, ever:

We’re sorry: Unfortunately the Moderat live micro projection box is offline.
Meanwhile you can enjoy a recorded shot of haze.

404 FTW. For now, you can join the video daytime European time. Let us know what you think.

And more experiments, please.