So much of the world of tool-making for musicians remains the work of impassioned individual developers, making a labor of love. Sinevibes is a perfect example of this kind of fine-crafted software, combining ingenious interface ideas with rich, musical sonic invention.

As Ukraine erupted into chaos in recent weeks, I watched the updates from Kiev-based Sinevibes developer Artemiy Pavlov on social media, hearing the word from inside the city and his perspective – analytical and emotional – on what it meant. Yet, remarkably, I also watched a series of developer updates to his plug-ins. Artemiy was glued both to the latest news and Xcode, it seemed, through the whole affair.

His OS X Multitude plug-in we’ve visited before; I already considered it a must-buy. Now, it’s on sale for US$39, and 100% of that goes to benefit those who suffered in the violence in the Ukraine. Sinevibes announces: “100% of the money from this sale will go to support the recovery of wounded activists and protesters, and to support the wives and children of those who lost their lives.”

Because these funds are going directly to Ukrainian recipients, Artemiy tells CDM he is working directly with donation coordination and medical offices at the local level. With the sale already on, that has already dispersed some funds. “Last week I sent some funds to the central medical office,” he tells us, “as well as personally to a few people which they gave me details for.”

If you need a reminder of what the effect does:

  • It comprises four delay units, each with forward/reverse playback.
  • To produce rhythms, there are then five gate sequencers and four delay sends.
  • To those, you can add up to eight effects for each delay unit, route-able to any stage: frequency shifter, sample rate and bit depth reducers, circuit bender, noise, multi-mode filter, saturation, and flanger.
  • You also get two LFOs for each delay, which in turn can be routed freely and use different waveforms and “adjustable chaos.”

In other words, it’s really a modular delay/multi-effect – deep stuff. The stuff you could make entire tracks out of.

The sale is on now through the 15th of March:

And some sounds, to refresh your memory:

More is coming, too. “Multitude 1.1 is in the works and 2.0 will be released later this year, with many new features and enhancements,” says the developer. “Both free updates.”