CDM quietly turned ten years old last year. And that means it’s time to get a fresh picture of who you are.

We need to know who’s reading, what you do, what you want to see on the site, and what devices we need to target. So, we’ll ask a couple of short questions – it’ll just take you about two minutes to fill out. And you can sign up for something new called CDM List, to stay informed via email and get free stuff and deals:

We also want to give you a chance to get a big reward for helping us out. Partnering with Plugin Alliance, we’re also able to give you a chance to get a free license for the newest version of the Brainworx 100% BX Bundle. One reader will win the full software bundle. (Only now through Monday April 13.)

CDM Getting to Know You Giveaway, 2015

More on what’s in there:




Brainworx 100% BX Bundle – V2

It’s some really nice stuff in there – a tasty, respected arsenal of sound tools. It runs on whatever you’ve got – Windows and Mac, VST2, VST3, AU, AAX NATIVE, AUDIO SUITE, RTAS, TDM, back to XP and 10.6 and without requiring high-end CPUs, and you even have separate Avid Venue versions.

All in, you have the equivalent of US$2500 in plug-ins (if you paid for them individually). It’s US$1199 for the suite, but we’ll give someone a license.

There are a bunch of filters alone, so here’s an overview video they shot that explains which is for what (in case you do get lucky and have all of them to install for yourself):

The bundle covers a wide range of the Brainworx offerings. You get ridiculously precise equalization (their flagship) and filtering controls.

There’s tons of Mid/Side stuff in particular, not only for stereo mastering but in ways that can be applied more precisely, too. And remember all this discussion of how to master stems? Well, bx_limiter is ideal for that, as it’s already configured to do multiple channels.

There’s also a unique sounding amp model with preset recording chains, and it sounds unlike anything I’ve heard (I got using it on drum loops for some really raunchy stuff), plus a really transparent bass drum booster. Here’s how that sounds:

So, give us a go and good luck with Brainworx! If you don’t win the plug-ins, don’t forget to sign up for the e-mail newsletter – we’ve got other free and exclusive stuff for everybody.

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CDM Getting to Know You Giveaway, 2015

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