Ableton’s Push 2 has a big, beautiful, color display. But what goes on that display is limited to what Ableton has built in – or, rather, it was, until now.

London-based producer/hacker sigabort has already built a Max object that lets you access the display directly as a high-res, color texture. Max boffins, this means you can even use Jitter objects directly. And for those who have no idea what the previous sentence just meant, think of it this way: Max patches will now be able to create their own full-color visual outputs, for practical or entertainment purposes. (Max for Live support is coming, which is the big one.) It’s fast, too – roughly 18 fps rendering and native externals for Mac and Windows.


As if that weren’t enough, a standalone library is coming, too. You can try out a free, time-limited (60-minute) version, or go ahead and donate a minimum of 5GBP via PayPal (more for commercial use).

Yep, we’ll be watching this one – and what you do with it. Just don’t use Comic Sans, okay, unless you work for CERN.

Thanks to @archnerdian / Safet for the tip!