Soemtimes it’s the little things. I’ve struggled for some time to find a simple metronome I can recommend. But a lot have a bunch of features I don’t really care about – and then lack some basic flexibility. So this is a welcome and unexpected arrival. It’s a free metronome app from Steinberg for iOS, and it’s really nice.

What sets it apart:

  • Big bpm range (20-500 bpm, configurable)
  • Simple interface – basically just what you need
  • Flexible time signatures – 1-16/2,4,8,16 (with a nice radial interface for feedback)
  • Steinberg Cubase click sound (if you’re into that sort of thing
  • Tight timing (both on tap tempo and performance overall) – the essential bit

In action:

Now, this comes from Steinberg, so it has interface aesthetics that might be described as “hipster Romulan chic.” And you are limited to the Cubase sound, which for some could be a deal breaker. But I happen to like the Cubase metronome, and didn’t want to fiddle with a bunch of meaningless sounds. The timing for me is really everything, so I’m sold.

Memo to Steinberg: add Ableton Link support, and this thing is perfect.


This story was doubly interesting to me when it crossed my desk, because it’s also part of a training program at Steinberg. One of the big challenges facing our whole industry is developing new talent in a fairly niche area, so it’s nice to see that happening. And the pilot program itself is an interesting model: they developed this entire product and brought it to market. That’s possibly an idea worth copying. So, to my friends in HR in this industry, I present – food for thought:

Young pioneers: First-accomplishment trainee project at Steinberg

(I imagine this could also be coupled with programs developing diversity.)

Got a favorite metronome app? I’ll admit, my own research here was more casual than exhaustive. Let us know – and let us know if this one wins you over, too.