Oh, they aren’t kidding when they say “anti-sale.” In honor of Black Friday, plug-in maker Freakshow Industries (“audio effects for the end-times”) has increased their prices. But you can also pirate the plug-ins directly from their site.

If you’re able to navigate their website (seizure warning), you can first experience a UI/UX I would describe as “rolling blackouts as you have a stroke, as rendered by a 90s Flash animation student.”


I don’t know exactly how long the Black Friday anti-sale lasts, but for now, the anarchy they bring to you is an up to 395% increase on the usual prices, marked “limited time ripoff.”

The image was actually this dark when I attempted to use their site. Not sure if that’s also part of the Black Friday special but – catch the chaos while you can, regardless.

Next to the BUY button, though, is a STEAL button that allows you to “pirate” their software for free. It’ll prompt a little questionnaire that asks why it is you want to put them out of business.(You’re also given the option to “underpay” a different amount, based on your need.)

The product descriptions are genius. For example:


Sometimes a track takes that dark turn.

Every path leads ever deeper into desperation.

Nothing is working, perhaps the well is dry.

Delete it all.  Salt the earth.  Anything but this.

Never far away is the thirst for cleansing fire.

Undo has become a parasitic companion.

Defeat is calling like a moth to the candle flame.

Endure this manic force in resolute defiance.

Strike the eldritch match of transformation.

And then product videos, too:

There’s some excellent stuff in there.

Yeah, we clearly need to do a round-up of this sort of madness…