Poppy pianos, house keys, lofi stuff, and tweakable racks are all yours for free for Ableton Live in the just-released Foundation: Keys by Abletunes.

There are 25 multi-sampled racks, all with plenty of dials to tweak.

They begin – “There are plenty of free Ableton packs out there, but for the most part they’re quite random and experimental.” Hmmm… quite random and experimental? Obviously, they’ve been reading this site. (Should put that on the masthead.)

But sure enough, this is indeed a bunch of pianos you might actually use in productions in a range of genres without flashbacks to some nerves in a piano recital. That is, they’re calibrated to lots of styles of music, and come pre-loaded as Instrument Racks so you can dial in what you like or use them as a jumping-off point. And there’s enough sample content – 2GB – to get the sounds you need, without filling up a cramped hard drive.

FOUNDATION sounds a promising series, and there’s something comforting to not just using the default Ableton sounds. Actually, I’m glad I started messing around before listening to the demo, as I think you could go in very different directions than what you hear – but that’s always a good sign.

I’m glad just to have some old Kawai and Yamaha TX81Z (digital) samples here. The collection:

Upright Piano I – clean upright piano.

Upright Piano II – another clean upright piano.

Grand Piano – clean Steinway piano.

Old Grand Piano – clean Kawai piano.

Upright Piano Modern – bright and sharp piano designed to cut through the busy Pop and EDM mixes.

Grand Piano Modern – good ol’ grand piano processed to sound good in modern music.

RM Children – beautiful piano designed to capture the sounds of melodic 90’s dance music.

Lo Fi – wavy, slightly detuned and filtered piano for your lo fi productions.

Gloomy – distant sounding and filtered piano for cinematic production.

Moody – inspiring and nostalgic piano that will fit any genre.

Clavisynth – classic FM Clavisynth sampled from Yamaha TX81Z.

FM Piano – bright FM piano sampled from Yamaha TX81Z.

Electric Piano – 80’s flavored mellow and phasing piano sampled from Yamaha TX81Z.

Nostalgie – nostalgic piano for lo fi and cinematic productions.

Cassette – warm piano with tape cassette emulation processing.

Underwater – dark and heavily processed piano for cinematic and Hip Hop productions.

Reminiscence – the unique sound design makes this piano sound nostalgic and modern at the same time. 

90s House Piano – club-ready piano massively inspired by the sound of 90’s dance music.

House Piano II – same as above, but with a bit different tone.

In Da House – perfect sample-based synth for classic House and Deep House chords. Features 8 additional macro controls for complete control over the sound.

House Drive – another variation of sample-based House synth. Features 8 additional macro controls.

House Cat – more aggressive sounding sample-based synth for Progressive House and Techno productions. Features 8 additional macro controls.

Hybrid Dance Piano – bright and sharp piano inspired by the classic M1 piano sound.

Smoothie Keys – it sounds smooth, but it can sound bright and driving with a turn of a few macro controls.

House E Piano – bright blend of acoustic and electric piano for House music productions.

Grab it here: