Now that VCV Rack Pro 2 is here, Rack works properly as a plug-in. And here’s an advanced application for it – trying new ways of working with clock and time.

Our friend Ted from the Savages crew shows this one, with the Str1ker module Jeremy Wentworth produced with them. It’s probably far from the first thing you should try with Live, but it’s a bit too nerdy not to indulge here.

Is this a sensible thing to do? Well, we’ve just stuck two separate modular environments inside a DAW, so … no, not especially.

Is it interesting from a musical standpoint to go wild with clock in this way? Hellz, yeah.

And it’s worth mentioning for other reasons – OSC support opens up lots of other interoperability in the digital world with other software and even devices. Plus this might just pique your interest for working with Str1ker in general.

Check the features / docs:

To the point of getting off the grid, anything that handles clock in a fluid way like this moves in a new direction.

This gets me thinking … generally.

More on Rack 2: