Create Digital Laser Motion? The laser control tool from the makers of MadMapper now has a video tutorial series to walk you through its workflow.

Full warning label on this one – do not use lasers, even relatively low-powered ones, without sufficient knowledge of operation and safety. Consider yourself and those around you and follow local regulations.

Top tip: find someone who is certified and strike up a partnership.

That now being out of the way, MadLaser is something really special – a tool that allows lasers to be treated as a medium with the flexibility normally reserved for lights and projection. And recognizing that these are tough times for anyone in the business of content or events, it comes at an opportune moment, promising the ability to deliver creative jobs and allow for new collaborations.

And because MadLaser is delivered as an extension for MadMapper 5, it’s also possible to integrate it with those workflows artists have already established for stuff like projectors and LED walls. I expect that will often mean using this as a tool to work with a laser technician, without having to code custom software just to get the results you imagine.

I wrote about MadLaser here before:

But despite my as-ever eloquent and inspiring prose, uh … yeah, you might want a video walkthrough to even figure out what this thing is really about.

Here’s the overview – you’ll see an interface familiar to anyone who has used MadMapper (or even VJ and media server tools), and there’s connectivity in all the places you’d want:

One of the strengths here is the ability to work with lots of different content types – and it’s really crazy how much they’ve managed to adapt lasers to MadMappers’ vectorization engine and UI/UX:

Dealing with laser hardware really is fundamentally different than other graphic output devices, so this section on handling those settings is vital:

You can combine multiple lasers to get more sophisticated and layered/complex outputs:

Today is by the way the last day of their discount sale – I only notice that as I go for the site link, actually:

There’s a free demo version to evaluate, and pricing starts at either 19EUR/mo or 199EUR-to-own; MadMapper 5 required.