Modeling what is surely the noblest of instruments, the developers at Klevgränd have taken their realistic shaker models and allowed you to shake your iPhone authentically and musically. And it’s all for free.

The iPhone (and iPod touch, if you’ve got one) already have well-tuned gyroscope sensors. They were born for this. Then there are the fine folks of Klevgränd, who among various instruments and other software, produce a number of fantastically realistic percussion and other modeled instruments. I do mean realistic, too – while there are some other models out there, they’ve really got a few of these down, including their wild Pipa voice instrument, Jussi voice synth, Ting percussion and more.

They have simply one of the best, if not the best, shaker models in the business. And they’re giving it away on iOS as Rassel.

This isn’t just a unitasker shaker to play with for a minute, either. Rassel is “based on a unique audio rendering engine that account for continuous velocity changes based on how the sampled instruments are agitated.” And they didn’t pop off for the holiday break and a hot piping cup of Glögg; they gave us four instruments in egg, shaker, tambourine, and bells.

If this is your sort of thing, you might have a look at the full-blown shaker plug-in for desktop:

They do have a big sale on and tons of bundle options, so now is a great time to stock up.

Or if you want to stick with the free vibe, for something completely different, there’s FreeAMP, a cute and simple little amp modeling plug-in with drive that sounds and looks lovely:

Plus I’m intrigued by this audio visualizer app they did for iOS, too, though I haven’t tried it yet – video export for your music videos is nice.

Wizibel @ App Store

It’s abandonware, but I’m going to try this anyway to see if I can get wireless audio out of it – – maybe other folks know some better solutions?