From the prolific, inventive Max for Live developer Dillon Bastan comes a new instrument that can shape, sing, roar, breathe, drone, glitch, and more. Use one of its internal sound source or external input.

Meet Mouthplay, a vocal tract filter effect/generator with a bunch of modulation, voice, and control options.

On the left: the vocal tract filter. On the right: input source, which in addition to your own inputs from a mic or clips, etc., can be a brass model (simulated glottis) or simple FM oscillator. And you get the full complement of modulation and articulation tools, including the new Max for Live assignable modulation menu.

Since this is software, you also get some nifty visualizations – which look a little bit like they were leaked from a prototype firmware update from the OP-1. That big orange line shows the shape of the filter, and you can redraw it directly with your mouse. With the menu options above, you can set segments, size, glide (yeah, for a vocal tract!), and even some random-walk modulations.

Basically, this thing is wild – like having a fairly extensive modular rig squeezed into Live.

And there’s more:

Vocal tract filter with rotation, custom shapes, recorded loops of shaping, morphing

Two internal voices, each configurable to brass model / FM oscillator / external input, with scale options for tuning and multiple tract filter parameters.

Modulation: two LFOs, two envelopes, two sequencers, and two function generators

This thing is deep. I haven’t quite gotten to this bet yet, but DIllon says there are “several secret popout animal-themed menus” hidden away in there, too. There’s full preset management to save your work, and a bunch of presets to get you started.

Have a look:

Full walkthrough: