iOS these days can give you wonderful collections of instruments and effects as AUv3 plug-ins. The only problem? Other than some menus in your hosts, there’s nowhere to browse that collection. Enter AUBE.

This idea is so simple and so elegantly implemented, it might just get me back into iOS tools again – especially with more developers embracing AUv3. How much effort did it take me to test this particular app? Literally it was just a matter of letting the App Store install it and then launching the app. AUBE will just load up and organize any instruments and effects on your device. And it gives you a reason to go ahead and reinstall apps and try stuff out without fear that they’ll be lost forever on your home screen or buried in a host somewhere.

It’s just lovely seeing this at a glance. Features:

• Your AUv3 effects and instruments are organised
• Information, such as group, categories and features, are already available
• Explore, filter, set your favorites
• Share description and badges on social media
• Use the keyboard extension to locate your AUv3s in your host (search text field required!)
• Universal
• iCloud
• Light/Dark mode

Even with a favorite host or mixer, this is just nice to have. It’s currently 40% off for the next two weeks.