Artist Rochefsky has been busy cooking up a ton of Mutable Instruments Plaits recipes – which seems just the thing to share on a Sunday. Plus even if you don’t have the module (or like me are on a train at the moment) you can give this a go for free in VCV Rack in software (with the Macro Oscillator 2 module).

First, the hardware series, which has a lot of clever starters for you – helpfully grouped by modes (volume 4 just arrived this week):

Those in turn come from this great cheat sheet:

More is coming soon, too – a spreadsheet of 100 recipes, plus orange mode is up this coming week.

Now, I mean, the hardware designer in me kind of worries about hardware requiring cheat sheets and checklists but … then the geek and documentation writer in me delights in them. I’ll let those two personalities go to lunch and work out their issues.

While they deal with that, more fun to make music. And yes, VCV Rack Ideas has a guide to just the software version:

Honestly, you could go far with just the default VCV modules and Plaits alone – especially as the official VCV selection has grown. Building a patch around Plaits (or, in software, spawning multiple Plaits) is a great way to go. And if you decide you like the software, there are now various hardware remakes of the open source design even if you can’t get your hands on the now-out-of-production original.

Mutable’s designs are likely to be with us a very long time – giving us time to really learn them like an instrument. Have a great week, patchers.