Elisabeth Homeland’s wrappers let you use popular effects plug-ins as if they were native Ableton Live device UIs – saving you from opening floating windows. The latest collection is the most ambitious yet, with the skeuomorphic Arturia effect interfaces.

Elisabeth Homeland – real name Nándor – we’ve been following for a while. Readers were especially excited by the ability to use the excellent Valhalla wrappers. Since then, we’re up to:

  • Valhalla
  • Kilohearts (especially useful since it’s a modular tool)
  • Native Instruments
  • Soundtoys

That already covers a lot of my go-to effects. But now, add Arturia. What’s especially striking is, you even get the advanced UIs. Somewhere, Robert Henke I’m sure is… deeply unhappy. (Heh, well, actually I can ask you, Robert.) So this will definitely mess up the nicely minimalistic Ableton UI.

There’s one catch, too – it’s VST3 version only, so if your project has AU plug-ins, it won’t work. But I imagine I’ll find it useful on new projects. With synths it’s not as important, but with effects it’s great not to have to juggle windows.

Check it here – $10 for the set:

Arturia Wrapper

And the Gumroad shop:


Plus now Elisabeth Homeland creations are on Isotonik Studios, too.


Elisabeth Homeland isn’t just wrappers – you can also find some useful utilities for Live, including an alternative browser. Everything does require Max for Live. Suite is an investment, I know, but it does open up a whole world of stuff.