Iftah Gabbai has a new freebie, and it’s a total gem – a polyphonic modeled string instrument that pairs perfectly with his Microtuner (or other tuning tools).

It sounds really lovely, and of course you get an elegant, slightly masonic-looking minimalist UI. Plus, you can’t argue with the price – though as usual, you’ll need Max for Live (either in Suite or via a separate license). Live 11 is required, but that’s for a reason – you need (and want) polyphonic tuning support / MPE compatibility. Polyphonic pitch bend support here means each of those 12 voices can be tuned separately via sequence or external controller.

Tuning isn’t the only expressive element here. The modeled strings also have some unique and satisfying sonic parameters:

“Pyr” is a 12 voice string model with polyphonic pitchbend support so you can play it microtonaly using ableton s microtuner or any other tuner. please note that “Pyr” requires Live 11 to run.

“Character” and “Type” control the color of the exciter, “Soften” will soften or harden the initial attack portion of the string, “Decay” controls the length of the string and “Damp” controls the harmonic decay of the string.

“Life” will add variation for each strike, “Detune” will detune the string (0-12 semitones), “Vel” controls the velocity response and “Spread” controls the stereo image.


Pyr by Iftah. a microtonal string model 1.0

For more on tuning – and since you can export to Scala and use with Microtuner, you can go directly from one to the other: