Live visual tool Resolume (Avenue / Arena / Wire) gets yet another bump release – this time with Dilate, Sharpen, and Kuwahara Effects plus some nice usability improvements in the interface.

This one merits a mention just on these gorgeous new filters. In addition to Dilate and Sharpen, you get a unique denoising effect from the 1970s by Michiyoshi Kuwahara. I have to admit, I thought I was up on my effects history and I missed this one. This video goes into the history, and there’s a shader pack to check out – in case you want to mess with the effect yourself or try it in other environments aside from Resolume:

The Wikipedia article on the same topic has some sample code and other links, as well:

Folks have also been implementing this in Unreal Engine with some wild results:

Also new in this release:

  • Node thumbnails for Wire so you can see what you’re doing
  • Notes panel (use these all the time in other environments)
  • Layer and group folding

Have at it:

Resolume 7.15 Released | Layer & Group Folding | Notes Panel | Dilate, Sharpen & Kuwahara Effects | Node Thumbnails