Sing for joy on this one: BLEASS is a vocal transformer / harmonizer that’s easy to use like a synth, and runs on both your computer and your iPad or iPhone (so you can easily take it to go). It’s about time.

I just started playing with the iPhone version of this, though I’m sure it’ll also be useful to load it into a DAW. And it’s remarkable to me how overdue this tool is. There are just a ton of desktop plug-ins that don’t work well live and are over-engineered (and often overpriced), plus a bunch of hardware that clearly was not designed by or for working singers/musicians.

On iOS, this runs as an AUv3 plug-in, which means it’s a shoe-in for tools like Logic, Cubasis, or – especially for live, something like the AUM mixer. And you can pair it with tons of other wonderful effects, like the incredible Eventide iOS effects. And put all of them in your pocket or a rucksack (iPhone or iPad, I mean, unless you have big overalls for the iPad).

BLEASS has been a favorite out here with a steady stream of great little effects and instruments with clear, flat interfaces. But they’ve outdone themselves on this one. Here it is in action:

  • 12 voices: 12 (count ’em) voices, each with its own pitch / formant / tone / width / placement
  • Set transposition or use MIDI: Four voices are transposed independently – 8 voices are triggered by incoming MIDI
  • MPE support: Full MPE support, so your MPE controller (or even the new iPadOS keyboard layout for Logic for iPad) will give you hands-on control of each voice from the Linnstrument, new Ableton Push, JouĂ©, etc. (No controller handy? This also works with MPE lanes in a DAW like Ableton Live)
  • Modulation: All the modulation section we’ve come to expect from BLEASS – two LFOs, envelope follower, pattern sequencer
  • Pitch correction (set key / scale – need to see if they’re up for alternate tuning support! If not, let’s convince them for a later version… I’ve for sure got the Arabic vocalist beta testers, to start…)

There are some pop examples already, but you can bet I’ll be punishing this thing in some more experimental ways.

Yes, it works nicely in AUM!

Just take a look at this UI:

Easy overview screen with the four main voices, which you set with knobs. (The others you trigger via MIDI.)
Loads of per-voice performance control options.
But you can mess with this like a synth, too – with envelope controls and arpeggiator and a ton of MIDI options. That includes MPE support.
Motion sequencer, too.

Intro pricing through June 25.

Desktop: US$49 intro (then $69)
iOS: $14.99 (then $19.99)

By the way, there are other great BLEASS tools that work well with iOS and just got updated so they work well with Logic Pro for iPad. I’ll try and look at those soon.


PS, for more fun singing into your iPhone: