If you already own a big iOS device, it’s tough to beat that display and touch controls for navigating projects. R-Kontrol, an independent control app for Bitwig Studio, just added some gorgeous improvements for clip launching and Remote Controls for your Effects Slots and Device Chains.

New Clip Launcher, new contextual menu.

Marko writes to let us know about version 1.4. See the previous write-up on what this app can do:

Version 1.4 improves the UI and workflow for some of the features you’re likely to use most:

New Clip/Scene launching features. The Clip Launcher is revamped with a slick new design that uses the full height of your device’s display.. There’s a level meter right inside the Clip Launcher (okay, essential), plus a new context menu that lets you duplicate, quantize, delete, etc.

All of this makes both Clips and Scenes easier to access and manipulate.

Remote Controls lets you navigatae and tweak Effect Slots and Device Chains right from a track.

Visual feedback on Faders.

Check the full site:


Device controls.

And this is all on top of everything R-Kontrol 1.3 added:

That should cure any acute envy of, erm, premium hardware controllers. Maybe. I’ll definitely give it a try.

What’s your favorite iOS controller for Bitwig? Ableton? Reaper? Let us know in comments.