Week of Free continues: Elisabeth Homeland has updated its TouchMe freebie for Ableton Live. Grab a parameter, control it instantly with a MIDI controller – now with third-party plug-ins as well as built-in devices, plus other enhancements.

The banner feature here is that you can now use third-party plug-in parameters directly. You don’t even need to assign them first: just wiggle the parameter you want and you get instant control. (You do have to move the parameter a little bit, whereas in internal devices you can just click, but that’s a barely noticeable inconvenience.

Also in this release: you now have both an absolute and continuous/endless mode toggle. That includes increase/decrease (increment/decrement) controllers, which opens up the use of a lot of NI DJ controllers, for instance. (Here he shows it with Maschine.)

There’s a nice UI for all of that, too.

They also note that the device doesn’t generate extra automation lanes – only for the device you want to control.

By the way, this tool will work even better in Ableton Live 12, because you no longer have a conflict between hands-on control and assigned modulation. (In Live 11 and earlier, if you assign something like an LFO to a parameter, you lose MIDI control of that parameter.)

Check the demo video:

And grab this for free/check the documentation:

Elisabeth Homeland Gumroad

More excellent work from NĂ¡ndor T! Speaking of which, this will work beautifully with all of the Elisabeth Homeland wrappers for Ableton Live, which now include Arturia, Native Instruments, Soundtoys, Valhalla, and Kilohearts:

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