Sinevibes multi-voice chorus effect is a steal as an add-on for KORG ‘logue platforms – and even runs on a lowly, ultra-affordable NTS-1. The all-new v2 is a free upgrade for existing users and features 4x stereo layers (up from 3x mono) and richer, improved sound.

This is really a complete reimagining of Blend – almost only the name and basic concept remain. Deep unison and ensemble chorusing effects now all benefit from buttery sound and full stereo field. If you’ve been using the plug-in, of course you know about this already, but now you can run this on KORG hardware. On the synth/keyboard side, that means the prologue and minilogue xd, where I dare say this opens up the character of the instrument. But if you just want to add this as an effect, you might look at the NTS-1, as then you have a chorus/ensemble anywhere you need it.

I’m not one to copy-paste press releases, but Artemiy has made this one so lucid I will do just that. The description of the all-new algorithm:

The algorithm in Blend v2 is comprised of four fully independent layers – two per channel – modulated by four parabolically-shaped oscillators with proportional phase offsets. The multi-layer pitch detune effect is emphasized by separate feedback loops in each stereo pair of layers, as well as partial signal crosstalk between the channels. With such a unique setup, this algorithm creates deep unison and ensemble effects with great density, natural smoothness, and lush stereo field. The parameter range is extremely wide, making the plugin capable of both subtly detuned as well as highly dissonant sounds.

And talking about new v2 features almost isn’t fair, in that this is really better thought of as all-new rather than upgrade. But spec by spec, here’s what you get:

  • Upgraded configuration from 3x mono layers to 4x layers in stereo
  • Added 20% feedback in each pair of stereo layers
  • Added 25% signal crosstalk between left and right channels
  • Extended modulation frequency and depth parameter range
  • Depth parameter mapping changed from linear to quadratic
  • More balanced output signal level in relation to other modulation effects

Here’s a lovely example on the prologue:

But I especially love this demo with the Roland SP-404 mkII and a KORG NTS-1.

I love choruses percussion, so … I’ll have to make some additional demos. This duo (plus the onboard Roland effects) could be a great ultra-compact live rig.

Honestly, anyone complaining about the prologue or minilogue xd from a sound perspective may want to consider what Sinevibes adds to the package. What would the legacy of the Roland JUNO-60/106 have been without the chorus?

$19 well spent. The perfect harmony of Japanese and Ukrainian technology, behold:

Blend multi-voice chorus

Now Sinevibes Blend really should be a coffee mix.

Ready to grab some hardware to run this on?

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NTS-1 is just over a hundred bucks (backordered slightly, so I guess folks figured out it was cool).

Korg NTS-1 Digital Synthesizer / Effect Processor [Perfect Circuit]

Korg Nu:tekt NTS-1 DIY Synthesizer Kit [Sweetwater]

Korg NTS-1 new and used [Gutiar Center – some used models in stock if you’re in a rush]

prologue you’re probably going to have to try to find used. But minilogue xd is in stock, and I always forget that now there’s a keyboardless version, too:

Minilogue XD Analog / Digital Hybrid Keyboard Synthesizer [Perfect Circuit]

Minilogue XD Analog / Digital Hybrid Desktop Synthesizer – Desktop [Perfect Circuit]

minilogue xd [Sweetwater]

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Used prologues:

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