Want to learn about designing physical interactions for music from the creator of the MPC and LinnStrument, the one and only Roger Linn, plus physical interaction and sound arts expert Sasha Leitman? Registrations are open now for a class from June 17-21. You can even join online.

Pictured: LinnStrument early prototype.

Roger writes us to let us know about this one at Stanford’s legendary CCRMA. Roger is joined by sound artist, composer, inventor, and creative technologist Sasha. She has 20 years experience in this stuff and says she believes that “music is a fundamentally physical activity.” If you’re near Stanford, you can join in person ($500), but anyone anywhere in the world can join online ($250), and no previous experience – technical or otherwise – is required.

What you’ll do is build a new digital instrument around the Teensy microcontroller board (or a computer, if you prefer), with some novel way of working physically. I see some interesting contraptions (ooh, that thing with the shadows) from last year’s workshop, pictured. It just looks fantastic.

Full details and links to the course outline, etc. There’s even a resources page in progress which is fun to browse even if you can’t make this one.


I would join if I could! Enjoy!

Meanwhile, speaking of Roger and LinnStrument, he’s posted some terrific videos in recent months, including working with the awesome free Surge XT and speaking of prototyping, going into LinnStrument’s creation.