What’s great? Roar. What’s the best part of Roar? Feedback. What could make it even better? The ability to play it with MIDI notes. Perfect.

Here’s one feature that should’ve been in Ableton Live 12.1, but isn’t officially there yet. Iftah Gabbai comes through for us yet again with an elegant freebie. (Some Abletons work for Ableton, then go home to … toy around more with Live and Max for Live.) It’s easier just to watch this than describe it:

Oh hell, yeah. Go grab it:


Roar is one of my favourite ableton devices. i’m sure that a native solution will arrive sooner or later, but until then you can grab “rr” which is a simple device i made that allows you to play roar’s feedback note mode via midi notes. drop the device next to a Roar device and select your midi input from the dropdown menu. “rr” will always control the last roar device in the chain.

That’s on top of the project Iftah co-created for Live 12, the Performance Pack, and various other self-released goodies we’ve been enjoying around these parts.

Iftah has just generally been working on cool projects lately, every time I turn around on Threads or Instagram:

Something, something, I guess people wanted ARA support for editing tunings, I can’t hear you over playing Roar resonance I guess just find a better singer already… (ducks)