Sure, it's fun playing around with convolution reverbs like
Apple Logic's Space Designer, but if you really want ultimate
flexibility and realistic space modeling, you need Altiverb. It was the
first software plugin to feature convolution, and with upcoming version
5, there's no question it's the Rolls Royce of reverb.

Check it out:

  • Multichannel IRs and waveform preview, with 3D time/frequency plot
  • Preview sounds
  • Triple band damping and absurd number of gains and delay controls plus 2-band parametric EQ
  • Virtual placement of sound source
  • Altiverb site still features lots of great IR samples for real-world spaces; huge included library
  • CPU optimization controls

Oh yeah, and it looks really gorgeous: photos of the actual spaces as
in previous versions, plus useful, gorgeous new 3D views. Pricing and
availability TBA — I'll let you know, okay?