Liberate Portable Music Players: UMS, MTP, and Platform-Agnostic Drag-and-Drop Music Listening

My first MP3 player, an original Creative Labs Nomad (one of the first MP3 players), was simple to operate. I took MP3s I’d ripped and dropped them on the device like a drive. So, what’s happened since then? Now music players have grown much more complex, deeply tied to Digital Rights Management. Some new Windows […]

Create Musical Visuals with Rax and Quartz Composer on Mac: Free Software Download

Quartz Composer is a fantastic tool for interactive visuals, and it’s free with Mac OS X (you’ll need to install the developer tools). With MIDI and audio inputs, you can hook custom visuals up to your musical performance. But the program has some limitations: mapping MIDI is generally slow and arduous because of limited MIDI […]

Peter Kirn - June 16, 2006

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