Calling All NYC Area Makers and Lovers of Gear, Hardware Projects, and Code

Attention, boys and girls: fans of DIY hardware, physical computing, circuit bending, hacked gear and gaming machines, custom code and patching, independent hardware makers, mad scientists, and even the casual fan of the above who want to check out some cool projects — if you’re anywhere near the NYC area, we want you next week. […]

Hacked MIDI Support for Nintendo DS: DSerial

We’ve already seen the Nintendo DS used as a wireless WiFi MIDI controller. But if you’re longing for some good, old-fashioned, hard MIDI connections to your DS, too, you’re now in luck. Natrium42, the creator of homebrew-launcher classic PassMe, has built a multi-purpose serial device for the DS called DSerial. Via his schematics, you can […]

Peter Kirn - March 15, 2007

Open-Source 3D Webcam MIDI Controller

Interested in using webcams to translate on-screen motion to MIDI? Want x, y, and z 3D tracking? Ben Tan writes to let us know about his in-development software project called Peripheral MIDI Controller (pmidic) which does just that. The current build is still a work in progress, but has added enough stability and features that […]

Peter Kirn - March 15, 2007

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