This Week in Synths: Cutting the Cost of Modulars, LP Time Capsule, Welsh Minimoog

This week in synths with Matrixsynth, the obsessively-prolific synth lovers’ blog: a master modular synth builder on how modulars could be more affordable, a blog time capsule full of out-of-print music, and a “Welsh Minimoog” model E. Here’s Matrix: Grant Richter of Wiard on Cutting the Cost of Modulars A Modular Renaissance The following is […]

Wii VJ @ antivj: Wiimote to MIDI on Windows Tutorial, Video

antivj have cooked up a fantastic Wii-to-MIDI tutorial — and a very pretty feature image to go with it! (Nice!) Much of the focus for the Wii controller has been on the music and VJ side, but they’re equally compelling as live visual controllers. Our friends at the uber-hip French visualist blog antivj have translated […]

Peter Kirn - March 16, 2007

Microfilms of the Future: Douglas Coupland's JPod in 4 Minutes

Making movies is, economically, a matter of scale: time, manpower, money. In the early days of cinema, movies were compressed into tiny lengths, often without cuts. Now, “microfilms” are exploding again. You could look for deeper cultural meaning to short-form production, but for those of us with limited resources, shorter lengths can mean more elegant […]

Peter Kirn - March 16, 2007

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