GarageCUBE, Makers of Modul8, Looking for Developer

Ilan Katin, a close friend and GarageCUBE employee, has let me know that the developers of the Mac VJ application Modul8 are looking for a new programmer to help with the next version of their software. Think you have what it takes? OpenGL shader chops? C++ skills? Interface design? Performance optimization? The list goes on […]

MP3 Music: No Longer Connected to Your Brain?

MP3s, bad because they have less music in them. So much less music, in fact, that your brain loses the ability to feel emotions listening to them. Okay, sure, over-compressed MP3s sound awful, especially at lower bitrates. But get ready for some strange psychoacoustics here, folks. Producers howl over sound cut out by MP3 compression […]

Peter Kirn - August 15, 2007

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