LEDs In The Sky: MomentFactory's "Show Environment" for Nine Inch Nails

MomentFactory have released a video displaying some of the tech behind Nine Inch Nails fantastic Lights In The Sky tour. It’s a heady mix of tech, combining “stealth” LED screens, laser-controlled interactive video, particles, feedback, cameras… Oh my! There’s further information and video available on Wired’s coverage of the show, including future plans from NIN’s […]

RIAA Website: Portrait of an Industry Group Out of Touch with its Own Interests

This Website is brought to you by Chicken Little and Bad Cop. Much of the debate online about the record industry has devolved – with quite a lot of help from the misguided message of the US trade group, the RIAA – into a debate about piracy. It winds up being something dumb, like, “Piracy […]

- December 16, 2008

Judge to Record Industry: Lay off Mom and Dad’s Computer, For Now

Harvard’s Legion of Legal Super-Heroes. They can lock arms and emit a powerful beam of Legal Logic that can defeat any foe. Yeah, okay, I’m glad I’m not in law; these look like the sorts of people who would beat me. What happens when people targeted by record industry legal intimidation fight back? What if […]

- December 16, 2008

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