The Box from Mike Todd on Vimeo.

Knobs and faders, we love you on hardware. But when it comes to the unlimited possibilities of the computer, we know how to get the party on:

“Add some physics bodies.”

(See below; that’s really a quote.)

Mike Todd, whose work we’ve seen before on CDMotion, sends us a physics-based sequencer/synth built in Max/MSP and Jitter. It’s a quivering, humming three-dimensional world of sound, in which visuals and noise are entangled in a single design. (Ableton Live acts as a sound engine.) As Todd says, he’s “not sure which CDM site this would go on (a good thing, right?).” Good, indeed.

Lots of tools now let you add physics easily, but Max 6 is uniquely well-equipped – and a set of tutorials get you started.

Find a whole mess of tutorials – with “patch-a-long” video how-tos – here:

And yes, unlike the abysmal track record I had with physics labs in high school, here even mistakes can be fun.

I’d love to see more of these experiments, so do send your work our way.