Native Instruments has something new coming, revealed today in a teaser video. And as you’ll see, it’s something new that isn’t a DJ app for iPad. I expect you’ll even see some speculation about it online. I can’t speculate about it, as … I’ve seen it. So you can instead expect full coverage once this becomes public.

I did clear with NI the ability to say what it isn’t, just in case this video is unclear. This does not involve hardware. It’s a new software instrument. Beyond that, I’ll leave you to watch the video, which I must say includes some clever visual effects.

Since the Web is awash with teasers these days, I’m pleased that we also get some fairly substantial sound samples, and NI’s producer here did a really bang-up job on them, as well. (I know just how tough making good demos can be.) You get a sense of what the instrument sounds like, and also some genuine music, too. Let’s listen, shall we?

This is in fact the debut of the NI SoundCloud account:

Stay tuned for more on the … uh … thing. I will keep myself out of comments on this one, but I’m curious what you think.