Software control means preset recall and easy automation, on top of all that tactile control. Here’s the latest combination of our MeeBlip and Max for Live.

I don’t know exactly what astrological event causes people to decide to want to create controller layouts in Max for Live for the MeeBlip triode. But whatever it is, two friends wrote me last night from two different hemispheres to say they’d decided that they needed to create a tool for using their MeeBlip monosynths. And, with no contact with one another, they both released their work within a few hours.

Here’s what that means for you.

MeeBlip triode is our affordable, red-colored hardware synth with a friendly, edgy voice and analog filter. And we’re down to the end of this run, but … there are a few left. Plus, nice timing (they really didn’t know this) – we’ve just started our Black Friday sale early, with all the free cables you need and free North American shipping.

Ableton Live, so long as you’ve got Live Suite (that is, Max for Live included), lets you include devices that control hardware synths. Since everything you see on the front panel of triode can be controlled by MIDI – plus a few things that aren’t even there – using these add-ons lets you automate and store and recall presets.

Why would you want to do that, given you’ve already got this box with knobs and switches? Well, you might want to store and recall presets with a particular Live project, so your ‘blip is sounding the same way when you load it up and get back to work, or to save a sound you really like. And you might want to use Live’s automation controls to sculpt your sound as part of a pattern, by drawing it in or using Push hardware.

And from there, you can add additional features.

Both of these devices are free, so you can grab both and see which you like best. From South American virtuoso hypergeek Gustavo Bravetti, comes a cute, color-coordinated design. It looks nicest, and also includes full resend, a helper for drawing envelopes, and more:

Triode CTRL 1.0

Don’t miss Gustavo’s amazing performances and so on via his Facebook artist page. Check the videos:

And in this corner:

Kent Williams aka Chaircrusher has made something that isn’t quite as pretty. But as it’s based on previous, similar work, it might be a way to learn how to make these for yourself. Kent says it’s “blindingly” simple – which is seriously a good thing when you’re learning. And since the MeeBlip is nice and simple, it makes a great template.

Meeblip Triode Control 0.01

Kent’s also an awesome musician, so check out:

What? You don’t have a triode?

We can help.

Let’s start Black Friday early. Let’s start your holiday shopping season early – by making sure you (or a lucky person who’s getting a triode gift) gets all the cables the triode needs.

So now, triode includes our audio & MIDI cable bundle ($24.95 value) until November 30, or while supplies last. Free shipping in the USA. As always, our power adapter is included. And this on top of our new everyday US$119.95 price.

Have at it:

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