Sure, maybe you weren’t sold on the metaverse, but what if you had 36 holes of Labyrinth-themed minigolf in VR?

And fine, if you thought I just wanted to write this headline, you would be… right. I half wonder if someone’s April Fools’ social media calendar was off, especially given this is the teaser image:

Oh yeah, plus someone on Twitter had exactly the same GIF reaction I did. Slap that baby, make it free?

In all seriousness, this is a popular VR game and they landed a license for… presumably the folks bankrolling the Oculus purchase.

Well, I hope that inspired those of you working in VR, anyway. Hopefully, it doesn’t inspire the ghost of David Bowie to hunt me down as I sleep tonight, especially as I live in Berlin and all that…

No idea if this will include the make-or-break addition of the original soundtrack. But since M.C. Escher’s image of crabs got CDM put on a Google violation list last week as “pornography” (seriously; I got it cleared fast), here – you’re welcome:

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